Wellness Check-ins

Disruptions to our personal and professional lives, schedule changes, and school closings present unique challenges for individuals with a complexity of needs and circumstances.  In a situation that’s constantly changing, we understand that these may cause feelings of anxiety and distress.

Support with Activities in Daily Living (ADL’s)

The changes to routines and daily experiences may have impacted interest in and follow-through on activities of daily living (ADL) for many people. Here are some things that a wm+a associate can virtually support you or your family member with activities in daily living:


The outbreak of COVID-19 has changed the way we have fun. Do you think that engaging in fun activities is hard to do because of Covid?  It doesn’t have to be!  It just looks a little different than usual.  You do not have to be bored while you are at home and doing the right thing of keeping yourself and others safe!  Our associates can support you virtually.