Specialized Behavioural Services

wm+a provides specialized services to children, youth and adults with complex needs and those who are experiencing behavioural difficulties. As part of the community support network wm+a has worked in collaboration with community agencies and families for over 20 years with an individualized and evidence based service approach.

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Clinical, Consulting and Training Services

wm+a services include both direct support as well as clinical, training and consulting services. wm+a was built on the foundation of evidence based services (ABA); training and continued growth as well as responsiveness to community needs. As result of this we have become recognized as a valuable resource for staff training (ABA, RBT), clinical services (BT) and consultation to individuals and programs alike.

About Us

wm+a (Williams, Marijan & Associates) is a well established fee-for-service company that provides specialized and individualized direct support and clinical services. As such, wm+a services are provided to children, youth and adults with a complexity of needs and circumstances and who may be diagnosed with: ASD/autism, developmental exceptionalities, ADD, FASD, ABI, emotional and mental health disorders including significant behavioural challenges.

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News & Resources

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A New Book Release!

wm+a is proud to share the news that Stephanie Scott, our very own wm+a Recruiter (former wm+a associate) has published a children's book titled Buckl


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