Clinical, Consulting and Training Services

Clinical, Consulting and Training Services

For over 20 years wm+a has been a source of excellent training opportunities for child and youth and direct support workers. Our sister company AlphaBee was introduced in 2005 as an ABA Centre of Excellence, thus continuing our philosophy of continued learning, pushing forward with advanced knowledge and training for our internal team and the community. 2021 sees the launch of alphaBeePro, a division of AlphaBee, with a series of clinical and training services. Our commitment to advanced thinking and knowledge is the foundation of the initiative under alphaBeePro. As such, we are excited to extend our training capacity to front-line workers, clinicians and families within our own community, those living/working in remote regions as well as internationally.

BT Consulting

A team of BTs are available to both assess the behaviours and develop individualized programming which will be implemented by our associates. These services can be on a consultative and/or on-going basis.

Person Directed Planning (PDP)

wm+a offers Person Directed Planning to adults 18+ with developmental disabilities. A PDP trained associate will support the individual in developing a plan that identifies their hopes and interests and also supports the realization of those goals.


wm+a offers a range of customized training opportunities for front-line staff and for community professionals. These trainings are available at your facility or at our location as well as on-line options coming in 2020.

Case Management and Service Facilitation

wm+a offers Case Management and Service Facilitation to service providers or individuals/families to help navigate services to meet the unique needs of the individual.