The changes to routines and daily experiences may have impacted interest in and follow-through on activities of daily living (ADL) for many people. Here are some things that a wm+a associate can virtually support you or your family member with activities in daily living:

  • Talking about new social expectations and rules for safe distancing when interacting with others. How to greet others, maintain personal space and hand washing are some activities that can be discussed and worked with between wm+a associate and the individual.
  • Supporting individuals with visual aids or social narratives (simple stories explaining current situations). These techniques will allow the individual the opportunity to process information in multiple formats given potential receptive communication deficits.
  • Facilitate and support positive coping and calming strategies with a list of choices for calming during these stressful times that helps the individual with self-regulation and managing anxiety.
  • Supporting individuals in learning new skills/ committing to existing skills such as laundry, cooking a simple meal in order to enhance their independence.
  • Supporting individuals for academic activities or work – related activities