Community & Residential Facilities

wm+a services are available to both funded and privately operated community agencies in crisis situations and for complex needs supports. Our services are customized to the Program needs and the goals and needs of the individual and can include: Direct Support, Service Facilitation, Behaviour Consulting/Supervision and Program Staff/Family Training.

Hospitals & Healthcare Facilities

wm+a supports patients with complex needs during their stay in hospitals and health care facilities. In collaboration with healthcare practitioners and other clinicians, wm+a associates will not only support the health and mental health needs of the individual but also any presenting challenging behaviours.

Schools & Day Programs

wm+a provides individualized support to students attending public and private school systems, as well as adult day programs. Working with the school/program multidisciplinary and clinical team, associates actualize an Individual Education Plan (IEP), or an Individual Support Plan (ISP) for a student.

Family Services; youth and adults

wm+a services are delivered in the natural environment of the individual, whether that be the community program or a family home. Goals are established in the Intake Process and adjusted throughout our involvement as needed.

Skills Development

wm+a has an individualized approach to service delivery in which goals are meaningful and specific to the person we are supporting and also aligned with capacity and circumstance of the individual. Support goals are individualized and functional and may include: life skills, social skills, functional communication, community safety and other skills.

Crisis Support and Management

wm+a responds to all community and family crisis situations with immediacy. With a 15 minute response time to crisis situations 24/7/365, wm+a is equipped to support our community partners with accessible service coordination and an extensive network of associates skilled to safely and effectively support crisis situations .