A New Book Release!


wm+a is proud to share the news that Stephanie Scott, our very own wm+a Recruiter (former wm+a associate) has published a children’s book titled Buckle Up: A Children’s Imaginary Journey About Self-Control.


Buckle Up hit #14 on hot new releases in Children’s Books on Emotions and Feelings, on Amazon.ca, first week released and the best seller for FriesenPress!

Stephanie shares some insights on the book’s creation and talks about her journey with wm+a.


What is the book about? 


Buckle Up is a children’s imaginary journey about self-control. Throughout the book, the readers would use their awareness and decision-making skills, along with various tools and strategies to navigate through their journey, with a tour guide named Nini, which is a bird.


Why did you select a bird as the tour guide?


– I chose a bird inspired by a Budgie, because of it’s friendly, warming and inviting character. It reminds children that it is okay to ask for support or to accept help. I also wanted to incorporate myself into the book and chose to use my own nickname, Nini.


In the book reviews, young readers mention how much they loved the different characters – the bird, the ducks, the lake…how did you come up with these characters and personalities for the story? 


– I wanted the audience to be able to go to their five senses. I incorporated various illustrations, characters, and settings that could help them to be more at ease through stressful times they face. I want readers to explore their 5 senses of what they may hear, see, touch, taste and smell. I want them to vision what their happy place may be like. Example: I chose the pond because I really enjoy being near the water – it calms me down. The noise of water can be so soothing.


So, the water is the metaphor for calmness? 


– Exactly. Also, the driving metaphor encourages the audience to see themselves as in control of the steering wheel; they make their own choices at the end of the day. It’s up to them to decide what they do with the emotions and experience, and use those strategies and tools that are available to them to overcome the stressful situations.


Who is this book for? Can you define the book’s audience? 


– The book is for around the ages 7 to 10. Maybe a little bit younger with the guidance of educators and parents. And, it is also extended to those with various needs.


And I guess for grown-ups too?  


– Yes. Educators and parents can obtain strategies and tools they can further implement with children, and model how to cope through stressful times in a positive, ‘green’ way.


Where can we get the book? 


– Currently, the book is available in hardcover and paperback, online at Amazon and FriesenPress, and e-books on iTunes and Google Play. Soon, it can be found online at Chapters, Indigo, and Barnes & Noble’s as well as physical locations.


Stephanie, this is a very impressive achievement! Congratulations. Tell us about your journey with wm+a? 


I had been a wm+a associate for over six years as a Child & Youth Counselor. I’ve mostly worked at the Hospital for Sick Children as well as schools, residential and day programs.  Then I shifted gears, and now I’m in a Recruiter with wm+a.  My front-line experience has allowed me to nicely transition to this new role.  As a Recruiter I am better able to assess candidates and provide others with the opportunity to work in a very rewarding field.


My job is a great passion of mine. Being a helping and caring professional, making a difference one step at a time, one client at a time, and making sure that I have meaningful interactions, whether in person or through my stories.