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Our Associates are empathetic, experienced, trained and supported to provide the day-to-day specialized support that our clients require. All wm+a associates working in a direct services capacity hold current certification in an approved crisis management method. wm+a provides Crisis Prevention Intervention (CPI), Understanding and Management of Aggressive Behaviour (UMAB) training and ensures current certification of our team. We provide ongoing staff development for our associates in terms of internal training such as courses, seminars and workshops in Understanding Autism, Applied Behaviour Analysis, and more recently specialized training in Intensive Behavioural Intervention approaches.

Many of our associates have been with wm+a for years, enjoying the benefits of working with many different individuals in a range of organizations, facilities and environments in the GTA.

Working with wm+a, you can be assured that we will not only be responsive and accountable, but will endeavor to assess each support requirement on individual merit, providing an associate that will best fit the client's diagnosis and situation.


wm+a has tailored its services to meet the needs of individuals living with autism and developmental exceptionalities, providing them with necessary supports and tools to make progress. Most of our clients face many challenges in their daily lives, and we are able to support these individuals to succeed in the environment in which they live, learn, work and play. We believe in a functional approach to managing behavioural challenges, tailored to individual needs and using a positive behaviour support model founded in applied behavioural analysis. Our focus lies in the teaching of replacement or alternative behaviours, and providing life skills education to facilitate development and improvement.

We will continue to uphold the foundation upon which this company was built:

  • providing accountable and responsive client focused services
  • developing working and learning partnerships within our community

These foundations together enable us to meet the needs of the children, youth and adults we support, helping them to learn, grow and make progress.

Our Commitment to Best Practice

As a leading provider of evidence based services, wm+a ensure best practice and quality assurance through the ongoing monitoring of our programs, services and the outcomes achieved by our clients. Our service evaluation includes at a minimum the following variables:

  • the satisfaction of our clients and customers for services received
  • pre and post service measurement of clients' behaviour changes
  • knowledge and skill level of associates

At wm+a "Best Practice" means that all clients and customers will be provided with services that are continuously supported by real evidence. We deliver our service using an evidence-based perspective which is rigorously monitored to achieve and maintain our high quality standards.

We maintain a goal of ongoing learning, expanding knowledge and skills to include new areas of research, and developments in the field, that will support our clients and customers. wm+a also supports the education and development of future clinicians by offering and supervising students' educational and learning practicum/placements.