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FASD – Guidelines for Intervention with Families and Caregivers

Many outcomes for individuals with FASD have been negatively affected by the lack of understanding of their complex neurodevelopmental disorder. We understand that in order to stabilize placements, key elements of effective practice are needed.

In this session, participants will be presented with:

  • How does FASD impact individuals, caregivers, systems of support and communities?
  • How will individuals with FASD present?
  • What are the Neurodevelopmental consequences of this disability?
  • What are the Lifespan Implications?
  • Cascading Vulnerabilities – Adverse Outcomes common with FASD – prevention options?
  • Creating Environmental Supports – Best Practice Considerations

About Donna

Donna Debolt is a social worker in private practice who translated her 30 years in child Protection into working as an outspoken advocate for children and adults who have lifelong challenges associated with prenatal exposure to alcohol. In her role as an FASD Specialist, Donna challenges communities through case management, advocacy and training to develop and implement prevention, intervention and management strategies so families and communities can successfully cope and plan useful futures for these individuals.

Training Details

DATE: February 12th from 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

LOCATION: 100 The East Mall, Unit 1, Etobicoke

Register by contacting Kelly at 416-367-5968 ext. 244 or by email kelly@wmanda.com.