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Support ServicesSpecialized Behavioural Supports

This specialized service assists individuals experiencing behavioural challenges. The approach is extended to the families and other care providers, with their full involvement. The goal of this service is to, by collecting and using data, identify the function' or existing purpose of any maladaptive behaviour, and then implement strategies to replace/reduce these behaviours using effective, safe and socially appropriate practices.

wm+a implements individualized behavioural support programs in the individual's usual environment, which can include the client's home, school, group home, hospital or other community setting.

In schools, wm+a provides a responsive and effective service, with the aim of enabling the students we work with to function comfortably in an educational setting.

In centres or day programs, wm+a often assists individuals to acquire new skills or learn improved coping strategies to help them to succeed in these types of settings.