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Support ServicesPyscho-Social Home Care

At home, wm+a provides what is often referred to as "Psycho-Social Home Care". We respond quickly and effectively to families, case managers and funding bodies who wish to support members of the community with special needs to succeed in their homes. wm+a follows the philosophy that (whenever possible) a significant proportion of services provided by our associates should be delivered in the clients' own home and usual environment. We believe that in many cases this contributes to improving quality of life and overall wellness.

When appropriate and functionally feasible, we promote learning and teaching in that natural environment. In this way, wm+a has been able to greatly improve the quality of life for individuals and their families.

We can schedule emergency, immediate and long term planned support. With each placement we take into account the specific practicalities and levels of service required; including the individuals needs, environment, intensity, duration and goals of the assignment.