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Case Management/Service Coordination

wm+a has almost 10 years operational experience working with individuals and their care/service providers in community and educational settings. With our cumulative knowledge and partnerships with many local organisations we have become an integral part of services in the Toronto area for individuals with autism and developmental exceptionalities. We are well positioned and have experience in all aspects of case management and service coordination. If you are requiring assistance in accessing and/or working with local community services then wm+a can assist and support you (or your family member) in obtaining the right services at the right time.

Assessment and Program Development

This comprehensive service package ensures the safety of the support, consistency and greater effectiveness of intervention. Our clinical consultants provide behavioural and skill acquisition assessment and program development based on the methods and principles of applied behaviour analysis. They monitor the progress of the support provision, and maintain consistent communication with the associates implementing the program.

Crisis Prevention and Intervention Planning

Due to our unique expertise and experience in safely and successfully addressing many crisis situations, we are able to extend what we have learned in the form of preventative consultations. wm+a offers assessments, consultation and training for proactive crisis management. We can develop preventative actions to minimize the severity and risk of a potential crisis situation, assessing:

  • Environments
  • Living and working arrangements
  • Skill deficits of individuals in need

In addition we can educate support staff in this same area.

Transitional Planning and Supports

For individuals with Autism and/or developmental exceptionalities, transitions are often difficult, stressful and take a toll on all involved. Transitions may include from home to school or centre, moving between schools, or transferring from school to a day program. Transitions may also include moving from one living arrangement into another, such as from home to a residential setting. wm+a staff have the experience, skills and knowledge to assess, plan, implement and support successful transitions for individuals. We work with all those involved in the present and new settings, as well as supporting the individual is making the transition. Careful planning and compassionate support can help make such transitions easier for all involved.

Community Integration Supports

Without assessment, planning and effective support, individuals with Autism and/or developmental exceptionalities often have difficulty integrating with their local community. wm+a associates can provide such support to individuals to successfully gain access to and explore targeted community resources. Careful planning and compassionate support can help individuals to successfully become a part of the community.

Life Skills Coaching

Individuals with Autism and/or developmental exceptionalities can experience difficulty learning to become independent with many life skills. Basic personal care, social and leisure activities and work related skills can all be supported by wm+a associates. Our staff can assist with the initial implementation of any training program to address these deficits, through supporting individuals in acquiring the skills they need to improve their overall quality of life.

Transportation Supports

When travel is an issue, wm+a can provide experienced staffing and other resources to support and address transportation needs to and from selected locations.

Supervised Access

Supervised access provides a safe, neutral and child-focused service between a child and the access parent. wm+a facilitiates visitations ordered by a court or agency between a child (or children) and parent/guardian, following the terms and conditions outlined by the order. We assign this role to an associate whose credentials, training and experience ensure they are clinically aware of issues such as child development, family violence, physical verbal and emotional abuse, mental health and substance abuse problems. Our associates are sensitive to the needs of the child, including children who are involved in high-conflict custody and access disputes. Observations of all supervised access visitations are well documented and forwarded to the customer/government agency within the next working week. Reports are considered legal documents and as such will contain all pertinent information.

Foster Family Supports

Fostering or adopting a child or youth with special needs can sometimes require short term support. There may be transition issues, behaviour support needs or additional specialized services in some cases. wm+a associates can assist with these issues by being present in the home to support and model effective interactions. Staffing may also be required during the period of time in which additional community services are being investigated, or whilst assessments are being completed to develop an effective intervention. If necessary, staffing can also be provided during the initial implementation of any support plans to assist both the individual and family members.