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Support ServicesIntensive Behaviour Intervention

There is much evidence to suggest an intensive behavioural intervention (IBI) program can be very successful in assisting younger children with autism (and other learning disabilities) to learn and acquire the necessary social, communicative, academic and life skills to succeed. IBI at wm+a is focused to improve skill acquisition, is delivered to a curriculum by well-trained and supervised Instructor Therapists, and fundamentally based on the methodology and teaching principles of applied behaviour analysis.

We offer an innovative multi-modal approach that is specifically customized to each child according to his/her age, skills, abilities, and circumstances. Support can vary from 1:1 to small group instructional sessions. The individualized nature of instruction is continually assessed and delivered in accordance with each child's learning and progression rate. Our services are intensive, well planned, and clinically supervised.

wm+a progress assessments focus on:

  • Cognitive skills
  • Behaviour and self-regulation
  • Communication skills
  • Play and social skills
  • Motor skills
  • Self-help skills
  • Speech and language development

Our Senior Therapists provide program development and continuous program monitoring using guides such as the ABLLS-R assessment, all overseen by our Clinical Supervisors. We meet with and involve families at all stages of program development and progress evaluation, and collaborate with auxiliary service providers or schools as requested and necessary.

wm+a currently offers two choices for IBI services for families - either at home or at one of our specialist learning centres..

Centre-Based IBI Services:

For children living in the Toronto region, wm+a offers a center-based Intensive Behaviour Intervention option. We operate, staff and supervise several learning centres for children. Children can come to one of the centres to receive their IBI services either individually, or in small groups with other children receiving similar services. This allows us to work more readily on social and play skills as well as preparation for entering the school system.

Home-Based IBI Services:

wm+a offers home-based IBI services to families in Toronto, Peel and York Region and will shortly be extending its services to Hamilton and Burlington. Through wm+a, families have the option of services customized to their child's individual needs and circumstances. We have the flexibility to cater to each family's unique situation, providing IBI in the family home or at other care-providers, and at any time of the day, evening or weekend.