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Support ServicesCrisis Support & Management

To speak to a Service Coordinator: 416 367 5968

For after hours emergencies call: 416 367 5968 and press 1 when prompted

Our community partners and customers know and rely on wm+a in situations requiring crisis management. Our reactive and highly skilled team is on call 24 hours to immediately respond, and we can have members of our Crisis Team at the location within a few hours.

The Crisis Team is a specially trained group of our most skilled and experienced associates who are available to respond quickly and effectively to various crisis situations. With sometimes minimal client information, our Crisis Team can quickly assess the situation and put in place measures to establish safety, calm and reassurance to the client and affected care-providers. Since initiating this specialized crisis support service in 2002, we are proud to maintain a 100% success record in avoiding client or staff injury when responding to support crisis situations.

wm+a is able to respond to crisis situations through providing 1:1 staffing resource until appropriate community services are identified and supports are put into place. We can continue until the customer (whether family or agency) feels able to succeed on their own through an effective exit plan.