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Support ServicesChildren's Services (Aged 1 to 12)

Our team are called upon to support and assist many young children with autism and/or other developmental exceptionalities in a variety of settings:

  • Home-based: supporting children living in a home with a family member, caregiver or foster care provider.
  • Residential: supporting children living in residential facilities accommodating individuals receiving care and support often 24 hours a day.
  • Acute Hospital Care: supporting short term inpatients (with direction from hospital)
  • Educational: supporting children at school and in other educational facilities (with direction by educational staff)
  • Supervised Access: providing support during supervised access as directed by a court or agency order.

In any of the living arrangements listed above, wm+a associates may work with the individual, their family or caregivers, educational staff, and other contributing professional staff in delivering existing individualized programs to help improve daily living skills, social planning, educational goals or other life skills goals. Some individuals will require training, guidance and support with self-care and self-help activities such as bathing, toileting, grooming, and dressing. During social planning activities, the associates support individuals to become active participants in all areas of community life, including social and recreational activities. This focus on planning and effective skill building is essential to building successful relationships and improving quality of life.

wm+a services are completely flexible to accommodate every situation — providing immediate or emergency scheduling and service co-ordination, or long term planned support. In a crisis situation, wm+a associates can provide support and care until an appropriate assessment is completed, continuing if required during initial treatment and working closely with all involved to implement an effective exit plan.

Sibling Supports

Often when a family needs to focus on one child, siblings require some specialized support and care. wm+a associates can assist in such circumstances to support siblings while the family is occupied.